Sustainable Walnut Farm Brings Locally Grown, Non-GMO Walnuts to Retailers Nationwide

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Nutty Gourmet Press Release 

February 17th, 2020

HUGHSON, Calif., Feb. 17, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- The Nutty Gourmet, affiliate of Grower Direct Nut, is a family-owned walnut farm and processing facility that produces sustainably-grown, non-GMO walnut snacks from its orchards and local farms around California. On a mission to make heart-healthy snacks available to all, the company uses natural, non-genetically modified (non-GMO) ingredients in its products.

The Nutty Gourmet was born at the generations-old Martella family farm in California's Central Valley. In 2016, the Martella family sisters and sister-in-law were inspired to begin sharing their oven-roasted walnuts and nut butters with the world.

"Thanks to our family-run structure we have firsthand knowledge of our products from field to market," says CEO Aaron Martella. "We use safe and sustainable practices through all stages of processing."

The Nutty Gourmet and Grower Direct Nut are committed to the environment and sustainable farming. Drip irrigation and micro-sprinklers are used throughout orchards, and a high-efficiency photovoltaic array solar panel system supplies 80 percent of their farm's annual energy. Walnut shells are used for agriculture dust control, and innovative plans to repurpose shells are currently in development.

The Nutty Gourmet walnuts are enjoyed locally and nationally. The company has recently partnered with Walmart and Sprouts, and have begun selling their nut butters and walnut snacks in retail locations nationwide.

"Walmart Supercenters and Neighborhood Markets have really taken the level of healthier specialty food offerings up a notch," says Aaron. "We are pleased to have 8 shelf facings in more than 2,700 stores for consumers to upgrade their nut butter choice to healthier walnut butter."

"Sprouts Farmers Markets are already well known to shoppers as the ultimate grocery store to find natural and healthy options," he says. We are pleased to have five of our nut butter options on the shelves of all 340 Sprouts stores."

In addition to Walmart and Sprouts, The Nutty Gourmet also sells its Sea Salt Walnuts at 1160 Tractor Supply Stores nationwide. Customers can also find their natural seasoned snack walnuts, as well as new products like pistachio butter and pecan butter, in their online shop or on