Our Story

We tend to the orchards so you can tend to the snacking!

Our family has been farming walnuts in California’s Central Valley for four generations. We live out here among the orchards where we work, play and celebrate together – the way our mom intended years ago. That’s why Nutty Gourmet is just like us - a vibrant, lively bunch of bold flavors that will satisfy your nut cravings and step up your entertaining. And while we like to have fun, we have a serious side too. We’re seriously in awe of the health benefits of walnuts. Did you know they are high in ALA Omega-3 and good for your heart? We’re also serious about sustainable farming - from generating our own renewable energy, to precision irrigation that gets the most from every drop. Learn more about our sustainability practices here

 We tend to the orchards so you can tend to the snacking. So grab a bag or jar and join us in celebrating the amazing walnut and help shape healthier snacking for decades to come. 

— The Martella Family