Maple Cinnamon Walnut Butter Bundles

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We are walnut farmers, family-owned and family run for over four generations. This walnut butter comes direct from our orchards to you, with just a hint of sea salt, and lots of love. We tend to the orchards so you can tend to the snacking. 

Customer Reviews

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Pauline Luong

I thought I wouldn't like this as much as pecan butter or almond butter but wow! This maple walnut butter is sooo tasty. I thought it would have that weird heavy oily taste I have come to associate with walnuts but this is smooth and sweet. This nut butter is runnier than I'm used to, even all the natural ones, but it makes it more fun to drip over apples, ice cream, etc. The flavor is great. I wish I bought more.

Quincie Gourley
AMAZING- Walnut Butter Addicted

This butter is ABSOLUTELY AMAZING- I’m not usually one for Maple flavors, but it’s the maple sugar that really makes this one! If you’re too try any of the butters, try this one!

An Absolute Must Have!!!!!

This maple cinnamon butter is my favorite butter by far!! It is the perfect balance between healthy and delicious. One of my favorite snacks used to be apples and peanut butter, but after trying this walnut butter, I will never go back to peanut butter. It is must have in your refrigerator at all times!! Keeping this stocked up!